What tools does a backend developer use

What tools does a backend developer use?

To understand who a Backend developer is, you need to know everything that we have covered above. What a web developer is responsible for and what not. However, it doesn’t help you become a backend developer. What is a backend developer? A specialist who knows the following tools very well: Server-side programming languagesWhile you as …

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backend developer

What is a backend developer?

A backend developer is a person who specializes in web development, as it is sometimes called. This is the person who is responsible for the back of the website. For its functional content, not for its visual component. If you want to do it, then you should probably consider the profession of a web developer. …

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Layout features

Although the ancestor of web page layout is print layout, there is one important difference between the two. Any printing such as a booklet, leaflet or brochure is printed on sheets of a fixed size and within the same print run has only minor or even imperceptible differences. A web page is launched on a …

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HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 snippets for designing new websites

Working as a web developer often requires experimenting¬†with¬†new snippets. Some of your experiments will turn out to be bad (unfortunately), while others (quality pieces of code) will become staples in the website development process. In this article, you will see snippets that any web developer can use. These blocks of code include typical HTML5 templates …

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Website development on CMS

Website development on CMS (CMS integration) – gives the customer the opportunity to manage the content of the site independently, through a convenient administrator panel, without involving specialists. Modern sites are not just a collection of html-pages with links between them. With the development of the Internet, the requirements for creating websites have grown a …

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it services

IT services

An IT service is an information technology service that a company that maintains an IT infrastructure or an internal specialized division provides to an enterprise to support its business processes. The English word service can be translated both as “service” and as “service” in the broadest sense of the word. As a rule, the consumer …

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