What tools does a backend developer use?

What tools does a backend developer use

To understand who a Backend developer is, you need to know everything that we have covered above. What a web developer is responsible for and what not.

However, it doesn’t help you become a backend developer. What is a backend developer? A specialist who knows the following tools very well:

Server-side programming languages
While you as a web developer need to know the basics of HTML and CSS, most of your work will be done using a real programming language. PHP, Node.js (includes JavaScript for back-end programming), Python, and others can be used for server-side programming, but it’s important to know which one to choose.

The problem is that different employers require you to know different languages. After all, you can’t start working for a company that uses Node.js if you only know PHP.

Let’s take a look at each of the three most server-side programming languages:


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This programming language has always been there, but it shows signs of not being there. While it is true that there are many amazing things you can do with PHP. Opponents of the language point out that this is a structural disorder.

This is understandable because PHP was not built as a complete language. In fact, its creator did not even intend to create a proper programming language, nor for software development to take place in it. Over time, more and more people chose PHP and started using it. The result is that this is not true.

The number of job openings in PHP has dropped significantly compared to what was previously normal. This would mean fiercer competition if you started learning basic PHP development right now.


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When people hear about Node.js and what it is used for, they are often confused. It has long been believed that JavaScript is the programming language for the front-end of a website. With the introduction of Node.js, this is no longer the case.

Technically, Node.js is not a programming language, it is a runtime that allows JavaScript for server-side applications. For idealists, this is pure heresy.

Even in the past year, there were even more job openings for PHP developers than Node.js. On the other hand, while the demand for PHP is steadily falling, Node.js is likely to grow.

Given the fact that JavaScript can be used for server-side programming, it might be a good idea to learn it. Learning Node.js as your first development tool can help you prepare to work for a serious company.


Even if you plan to specialize in server-side development, you still need to understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to understand what external players do. If you concentrate on Node.js, you can join the developer ranks and become a freelance website designer. At the end of the day, customers don’t care what you don’t know if the simple website you build for them works and looks great.


Who is a backend developer and how do you become one?

Python is currently one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, albeit for machine learning purposes rather than server-side development. With that said, it is a really well written language, easy to learn, fun to work with, and extremely powerful. We also carry out software development.

Its strong point is its ability to handle huge amounts of data. If you want to work on projects with big data applications, Python is your best bet.

If you want to master machine learning, Python is a great language to learn if you decide that the web developer job is not for you.

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